Celebrating Easter with the NETs: A Blend of Fun and Learning!

Celebrating Easter with the NETs: A Blend of Fun and Learning!

日期: 03/04/2024

We had an egg-cellent time at our school this Easter as we combined festive celebrations with English language learning. Our Native English Teachers (NETs) organized a series of activities that brought joy and educational objectives to the classroom. Here's a recap of the exciting events that took place during our Easter extravaganza:

Engaging Easter Vocabulary through Interactive Games:
To kick off the celebration, we screened an immersive video that explored the origins and significance of Easter. This sparked lively discussions and ignited the students' curiosity to learn more about the holiday. To reinforce their newly acquired Easter vocabulary, we introduced a highly interactive and engaging wordwall game. Students had a blast matching words with their meanings, enhancing their understanding while having a great time.

Whole School Participation: Pin the Tail on the Bunny:
In the spirit of inclusivity, we organized a classic game with an Easter twist - "Pin the Tail on the Bunny." Blindfolded students were guided by their peers' directions, putting their trust and listening skills to the test. This activity not only brought the entire school together but also created moments of laughter and camaraderie.

Creativity Unleashed: Art and Craft Activities:
For our younger learners in Key Stage 1, we combined art with English instructions to create surprise Easter egg cards. This hands-on activity not only helped them practice following directions in English but also allowed their creativity to shine through as they colored and assembled their cards. Meanwhile, Key Stage 2 students embarked on a more complex project by crafting snowflake eggs. These beautiful creations adorned our classroom doors as Easter bunny garlands, adding a festive touch to our school environment.

Thrilling Easter Egg Hunt:
The highlight of our Easter celebration was the highly anticipated Easter egg hunt for Key Stage 2 students. With the first hint given by the NETs, the hunt turned into a spirited competition where teamwork and English comprehension skills were key to finding the hidden eggs and winning the game. The excitement was palpable as students worked together, showcasing their problem-solving abilities and language proficiency.

We are thrilled to have blended the joy of Easter with language learning, making education an enjoyable experience for our students. The Easter celebrations not only enriched our curriculum but also fostered a sense of community and encouraged collaboration. We look forward to more engaging activities in the future that combine fun and learning!

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