Toys: An Inquiry Based Learning Project

Toys: An Inquiry Based Learning Project

日期: 16/11/2023

DAY 1: Our P1 students had a wonderful experience all throughout the lessons. The main task was to teach them toys vocabulary through learning and playing in a fun and energetic ways. In the beginning of the class, students had listened to the toys song and observed different types of toy by watching the YouTube video. And we played the following games Flashcards (Doll, Teddy bear, Car, Robot, Yoyo, Ball), PowerPoint (Guess the first letter), rolling a big dices, and bamboozle (Matching pictures with the correct toy vocabulary). It was such a great learning experiences for P.1 students.

Day 2: Our P1 students were able to learn that toys can be can be classified into categories (hard, soft, machine, games & puzzles) through 4 corners game and they were asked to classified the toys too. Students were also very excited to bring their cute toys and share it to their classmates. With the help from lesson 1 the learnt toys vocabulary (Doll, Teddy bear, Car, Robot, Yoyo, Ball) P.1 students were able to use those vocabularies to talked about what types of toy they brought it. It was great seeing that the P.1 students really enjoyed classifications game for the toys.

Day 3: Our P.1 students were able to name all seven colors in the rainbow. And P.1 had explored and experience the different texture, size, shape and color of the toys through learning and playing (such as color Hi-five game, toys exhibition game, and drawing). During the lesson, the students had listened and observed different types of colors by watching the YouTube video and listen to a story called “maisy’s colour”.

Day 4: Our students plays the freeze game. Baby Shark is being played and the students freeze when the music stops then the students were shown the sentence structure ‘what can it do?’ with the toy picture on it then P.1 Students mimed the toys action and start jumping. They really enjoyed playing the freeze game and it was a happy moment for P.1. Than the P.1 students were given an opportunity to make their own fun toy such as (a rocket and a spinner) in the classroom. With the help from lesson 1-3 the things they learnt really helped them to described their toy which they made during the lesson 4.

Overall, it was an unforgettable experience for P.1 students throughout the entire lessons.

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